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Welcome to the Sixth Form

Look to the Future – Plympton Academy Sixth Form

This is an exciting time for all Year 11 students. Although this year involves a great deal of hard work in order to be successful in the GCSE examinations, there is a world of opportunity ahead in Sixth Form. Part of the Sixth Form Transfer Process involves making sure each student is placed on an appropriate pathway that will act as a strong foundation for their future success. The students have already begun considering their next step and will soon be selecting some initial course choices with guidance from the Year 11 tutor team, subject staff and the Sixth Form team. In addition to this support and guidance, parents, with their son/daughter, are invited to attend important interviews with members of the Sixth Form team which will be held in January. You will be notified of the dates and times for these interviews soon after the Christmas holiday.

Choosing subjects: We understand that during the year further guidance may result in some minor changes to a student’s chosen programme of study. However, at this initial stage, we encourage students to build on their strengths and prior achievements, consider their interests and look to broaden their horizons when selecting their Sixth Form courses and/ or training.  We also work in partnership with a number of excellent training providers to ensure that our vocational students have a wide range of options encompassing 160 courses across the city.

Should you have any questions about the applications process or provision at the academy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Katie Kerr

Head of Sixth Form