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Plympton Academy

Guidance and Support

In the Sixth Form the Personal Tutor has an important role in supporting students in order to maximise their achievement. All students will have regular contact with their tutor through registration, mentoring and other meetings related to higher education and career advice. The personal tutor will be responsible for writing a student’s UCAS reference or their reference for an apprenticeship or employment. Our tutor team is comprised of an experienced and dynamic group of tutors known for excellent relationships with Sixth Form students.

The Sixth Form Leadership Team will work with tutors and students to ensure that students are given the best experience of Sixth Form life possible. This includes offering additional advice and support, equipping students to learn effectively and always being available to discuss issues.

Retention rates in the sixth form are extremely high and destinations include Oxford University and many of the Russell Group of universities. The school prepares students very well for higher education.”  Ofsted 2014