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Plympton Academy

Knowledge Organisers

Students are provided with a copy of the Knowledge Organiser at the start of each Semester. The Knowledge Organiser provides students with all of the key words and knowledge for every subject for that Semester. This is the basis for all learning, homework and assessment and students are routinely quizzed on this knowledge at the start of each lesson.

The Knowledge Organiser also includes further support to help students organise and complete their homework, including their Homework Timetable, a Homework Planner, a Homework Guide that suggests homework activities and guide to making Flashcards. These can be found at the back of the Knowledge Organiser.

Please find below digital copies of the Knowledge Organisers for Years 7-11

2020-21 Semester 1

Year 7 Core Subjects

Year 7 Other Subjects


Year 8 Core Subjects

Year 8 Other Subjects


Year 9 Core Subjects

Year 9 Other Subjects


Year 10 Core Subjects

Year 10 Other Subjects


Year 11 Core Subjects

Year 11 Other Subjects