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Plympton Academy

Year 10 Information

Year 10 Information

In the event of a closure, students will be provided with distance learning tasks to complete which will be communicated through Class Charts for students and parents and set on Google Classroom ( in addition to paper-based resources.   

Class Charts Parents User Guide

Parents of Y10 and Y12 Questionnaire


Art and Design

You will be set a drawing task that relates to our current ‘Mechanic Organic’ project. You can also visit for lots of fun Art related games and quizzes. BBC Bitesize Art and Design is also a great resource for helping to develop your knowledge, skills and understanding. 


BTEC Sport

Students are to complete the work set for specific units by their class teacher which will include coursework and some resubmission upgrade opportunities.  This will be set through ClassCharts and direct the students to their appropriate Google Classroom as per the codes below;

Please contact the class teacher via the ‘chat’ or ‘comment’ functions which will allow either the class teacher themselves, or a member of the teaching team to respond within 48hrs.


Core PE

During this time away from the Academy, students are encouraged to take regular daily physical activity to ensure that they stay healthy as part of an active lifestyle.  Within the students' packs that have been brought home there are a number of suggested tasks and challenges to encourage them to stay healthy and active during this period.  All the tasks are designed to cover the Knowledge, Skills and Character pillars to reflect what is taught in the Academy covering the PE curriculum and have been selected so that either no or minimal equipment is required.  This resource is also available online at (insert weblink when decided where resources are being uploaded)



Students have a coursework booklet on class charts and on google classroom, this is a task by task document based on Chicago the Musical and Within Her Eyes choreographed by James Cousins. There are supporting documents and website links on google classroom. As a class they have been through the booklet and are to ensure all of Chicago tasks have been completed and task 3-8 for Within her Eyes, ideally this is to be complete on a laptop/computer and and then emailed and shared with however, if students do not have access to internet/computer they may complete handwritten versions of the tasks for submission. 



Students will complete a daily English activity (40 minutes) set on ClassCharts. The activities for each day will be outlined on both Classcharts and google classroom and set by their individual teachers. Students will be given paper booklets to complete based on their GCSE texts ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘A Christmas Carol.’  Further support will be provided through the googleclassroom by individual teachers. Students have already been invited via email to their google classroom. 



Students will make use of their knowledge organisers from semester 1, 2 and 3 to complete tasks.  These will be set through classcharts. Their main focus will be their unit entitled History All Around Us which has a focus of Buckland Abbey. Further support will be provided through the Google classroom. 



Students will use seneca or their provided booklet to complete revision tasks including exam question practice.  These will be set through classcharts, as will log in details for seneca. Further support will be provided through the google classroom, the code for which will be posted on classcharts.


Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

All students have access to the Year 10 knowledge organisers either in your learning pack or on the three Science Google Classrooms Y10 Biology .  You will be set around 30 minutes of Science work for every Science lesson on your normal school timetable.  It will be based on information in your Knowledge Organisers, but teachers might give you new information to work with too.  Your work will be posted on your Class Charts page, and will also appear on the Google Classroom. Please plan your time carefully and do the work, if possible, on the day of your normal lesson.  Your teachers will be delighted to see what you have done - use your teacher’s email address to send them your work, or photos of what you have done. If you are stuck, or have any questions, please email your teacher.  Your teachers - unless they are ill - will reply to your emails within 24 hours.



There will be a mixture of tasks put up onto Google Classroom to help students revise what we have covered so far.   These will include reading, listening, writing and grammar activities. I will also upload videos to teach students how to prepare speaking tasks and provide opportunities to practise speaking and pronunciation.  On top of this, I will be recommending independent study websites, such as Memrise and Seneca, to help learn and retain vocabulary.