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Year 13 Information

Year 13 Information

In the event of a closure, students will be provided with distance learning tasks to complete which will be communicated through Class Charts for students and parents and set on Google Classroom ( in addition to paper-based resources.  

Class Charts Parents User Guide


BTEC Sport

Students are to complete the work set for specific units by their class teacher.  This will be set through ClassCharts and direct the students to their appropriate Google Classroom as per the codes below;

Please contact the class teacher via the ‘chat’ or ‘comment’ functions which will allow either the class teacher themselves, or a member of the teaching team to respond within 48hrs.


Core PE

During this time away from the Academy, students are encouraged to take regular daily physical activity to ensure that they stay healthy as part of an active lifestyle.  Within the students packs that have been brought home there are a number of suggested tasks and challenges to encourage them to stay healthy and active during this period.  All the tasks are designed to cover the Knowledge, Skills and Character pillars to reflect what is taught in the Academy covering the PE curriculum and have been selected so that either no or minimal equipment is required.  This resource is also available online at (insert weblink when decided where resources are being uploaded)



Students will complete a daily English activity (40 minutes) set on ClassCharts. The activities for each day will be outlined on both classcharts and google classroom and set by their individual teachers. This will involve re-reading of their core texts; lessons; past exam questions and booklets (all accessible on Google Classroom which students use already). Feedback will be provided for any past exam questions emailed or shared with Mrs Jones and Mrs Wills within 48 hours of submission. 


Fine Art

Please continue to develop your exam projects at home. Your teacher’s can be contacted for support via Google Classroom and email. Use your Knowledge Organiser and Literacy books to support written work. is an additional resource to support you. 


Food Science and Nutrition

Students are to complete Unit 1 and Unit 3 work that is set on Google Classroom to which they already have access. 

Please contact the class teacher via email,, the chat function or comment function. A response will be quickly received.



Students are studying AQA A level Geography and will need to continue with their revision for the subject through past papers / case study maps etc. and have to complete their NEAs with CJS will be leading with. CJS will have direct contact with students through the NEA process. Students can access a wealth of revision through the Google Classroom drive and have their student text book.


Health and Social Care 

Students will be asked to continue with their current unit 14 assignment - Physiological Disorders. Students will have their assignment tasks logged on Class Charts weekly, however all tasks will be placed onto Google Classroom, this will also be used for submission of assignment tasks. Further support and contact can be made through Google Classroom in the Stream, where answers and questions can be addressed. A response will be delivered within a 48 hour window.



The students are currently studying AQA GCE History.  They are studying the American Dream Reality or Illusion 1945 - 1980.  They are also studying Tudor England 1485 - 1603. They have completed their coursework, and they have been given initial marks for this.  In the event of closure students will be provided with activities to complete using their issued textbooks. They have also been provided with revision booklets with questions and diagram outlines for both the year 12/13 content.  They have also been issued with a revision guide for the America unit and a detailed knowledge organiser for the Tudor Unit. If possible, students will also attend ‘online’ lessons as scheduled times which will be communicated with pupils in advance.  Students have been provided with guidance as to their conduct at these sessions.  


Philosophy and Ethics

Students will be set tasks at the beginning of each week to complete via classcharts. Accompanying resources will be provided on Google Classroom, the code for which will be posted on classcharts. The work will consist of completing content using the textbook, reading resources with specific tasks to complete and revision based activities including exam practice questions. Work can be submitted via Google Classroom as an uploaded document. For further support, please contact us through Google Classroom.


Psychology and Sociology

Students will be set a series of daily tasks at the beginning of each week to complete and submit via Class Charts with resources being provided on the Google Classroom. Please submit work via the ‘submit’ button on Google Classroom in the form of uploaded documents or photographs of work completed. Work may take the form of completing Seneca tasks (links can be found on the Google Classroom), working from the textbook (Psychology textbook links are online on the Google Classroom), paper based booklets which students have been provided with or completing other tasks such as watching a video or answering questions.


For support, please contact us via the Google Classroom.