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Plympton Academy

Plympton Academy recognises shining stars at Sports Personality awards event

Shining stars in the world of sport and physical activity have been recognised for their talent and contribution in all types of sports at an awards ceremony at Plympton Academy.

The academy recently held its annual Sports Personality Awards within their modern theatre, where more than 120 people, including parents and carers, came together to cheer and applaud students who were nominated and awarded.

It’s the fifth year for Plympton’s awards which have gone from strength to strength and play a key role in bringing the school community together to celebrate sporting success amongst young people.

“These annual sports awards are a celebratory event for students who have done well in physical education, extra-curricular sports and academic achievement” says Stuart Taylor, the Director of Sports at Plympton Academy.

He said: “When you’re drawing winners from such a large group of people, you actually realise how many youngsters are working above and beyond where you would expect, so it’s phenomenal to put these awards evenings on. The commitment of the families is also as impressive, whether that’s financially or committing their time, it’s good to see everyone coming together to express their pride towards the young people receiving these awards.”

The format of the event is formal with dinner jackets worn, speeches delivered, and a programme with a bio for every nominee printed into a programme. This contributes to its prestige and reputation.

Mr Taylor continued: “In school, many things are results driven. In order to get some quality and parity across the academy, we try and really celebrate the element of sporting prowess, effort and enrichment.

It’s not only about sporting prowess in terms of achievement, but perhaps where pupils are successfully committing themselves. For example, if they have been a referee for a local club, or have taken part in some form of grassroots sports, the awards recognising that too.”

The academy’s PE and sports department has an awards structure culminates with two main awards each year: the ‘Young Sports Personality of the Year’ awards, as well as main, 'Sports Personality of the Year Award'.

Both awards are focused on raising the aspirations of young people interested in engaging and committing to physical activity and sport at all levels.