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Plympton Academy

Uniform & Equipment

Students are ambassadors of Plympton Academy and are expected to dress and behave in a way that reflects the standards that we seek to achieve. Correct uniform must be worn to and from Plympton Academy as well as on the Academy site. Extremes of fashion are unacceptable and item may be confiscated.

The uniform should be smart and with all items clearly marked. If a student is unable to wear an item of the Academy uniform for any reason, the Academy must be notified in writing by a parent or guardian.

Blazers and ties can be borrowed through your year group Pastoral mentor.

School Ties available from the LRC or via Parent Pay at £5.95

For full details of the Academy Uniform Policy please view the Policies page.

Price & Buckland School Uniform Shop for blazers, skirts, jumpers, school ties and showerproof jackets.

Updated: 26th April 2023

Updated: 17th July 2023

Purchase the PE kit from our suppliers: KitWorld

Please see the Boys and Girls Uniform Expectations images beneath.



All Students are required to have, in all lessons, the following items:

• Exercise Book/text book

• Black/Blue Pen x2

• Green Pen (will be supplied by the Academy)

• Pencil and Sharpener

• Exercise Book / Text book

• 30cm Ruler

• Eraser

• Student Planner

• Reading Book for Year 7 and 8

• Scientific Calculator

• Maths set

• Ingredients for catering as required


Optional Items Include:

• Colouring pencils/pens

• Dictionary

• Pritt Stick or similar

• Bilingual Dictionary

Mobile Phones and portable music devices are permitted at the Academy but must be switched off in lessons and when walking between lessons. Staff have the right to remove any of these items from students for collection at the end of the day from Reception.

The following items ARE NOT allowed in the Academy:

• Energy Drinks

• Fizzy Pop - Coke, Pepsi, Fanta etc

• Chewing / Bubble Gum

• Cigarettes, Smoking Equipment, Matches, Lighters

• Aerosol Sprays

• Tippex or other correcting fluids