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Plympton Academy

Sixth Form pupils receive send-off to remember

Sixth Form students leaving Plympton Academy this summer have been given a send-off to remember as they came together for pizza, music, speeches and more.

Following on from the completion of their exams, Year 13 pupils use the ‘Pizza Party’ as an opportunity to celebrate their final successes, resilience, and an opportunity for everyone to come together for one final time.

Mrs Kerr, the Assistant Principal for Sixth Form Strategy at Plympton Academy, says the outgoing year group are unique.

She said: "This year group didn’t sit the traditional GCSE-style exams, as we were still under covid conditions, so their Sixth Form exams were a new experience.

Every year we bring everyone together for one final farewell, but this year we wanted to make it extra special due to how unique they are as a group of students.

"They worked incredible hard with their exams, but it’s so much more than that. Over the 18 months they have been in Sixth Form, they have excelled in their personal growth too. This Pizza Party provided everyone with a moment to just pause, reflect, and celebrate with their peers and their fellow staff members too."

More than 60 students from the Sixth Form branch of Plympton Academy came together to mark their final moments together. Some form staff members who taught the students returned to wish the young people the best as they progress into their futures.

Mrs Kerr continued: "The things this year group have achieved together and as individuals is quite amazing, for example they organised a row-a-thon to raise money for the school’s chosen charity. They have also established and supported clubs inclusive of peer-to-peer mentoring with younger groups, they are an incredible group of young people; each of whom brings a unique sense of joy.  We take this occasion to mark their contributions to the academy, and celebrate their success.

"This year group in particular are very special to me. When I first joined Plympton Academy, I had a Year 8 tutor group, so they are now the year 13s who are leaving us, so from that personal perspective they have helped to write my story at Plympton, it has been a pleasure to see them watch them grow.

"I am incredibly sad to see them go. They are really joyous and the right side of cheeky and determined. The range of characters, the range of destinations, the range of passions ensures that they are just lovely to work with."

Laura, an outgoing Year 13 student, said: "When I joined Plympton Academy in 2016, I was part of the first cohort of year 7s to start here, and having come from a small primary school, the transition was certainly a big jump. But that process was eased by the caring team of Pastoral Mentors and Heads of Years that welcomed us each September for the next 7 years.

"From a clueless Year 7 wondering around the site trying to find my next lesson to a confident Year 13 head student, I couldn’t have gotten through these past 7 years without the support and dedication of my teachers and support staff.

"The staff here have always had our best interests in mind, and it’s the effort they put into their lessons and outside the classroom catchups that really helped me grow into the person I am today – and for that, I will always be grateful."

Laura is heading to the University of Surrey to study Paramedic Science to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a paramedic. Good luck to everyone.