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Plympton Academy

Former student graduates from university and is set to train as solicitor

An aspiring solicitor and former student at Plympton Academy says the school was fundamental in supporting her journey to university.

Rachel Wren, who finished her time at Plympton Academy’s Sixth Form in June 2020, has recently graduated with a First Class in Law at the University of Bristol.

She’s on an exciting journey to developing a promising career in law and is soon to begin training with a top commercial law firm in London.

"I am sponsored to complete the Solicitors’ Qualifying Exams at BPP University from September 2023-24. I will then complete 2 years as a trainee solicitor, sitting in four practice areas, such as corporate, finance or dispute resolution. After those 2 years, I will be a qualified solicitor" Rachel said.

She added: "To current students, I encourage you to be ambitious. By reflecting on what you are passionate about and the skills you have, you can find a career that suits you.

"Whilst I had never studied Law before university, I knew that I enjoyed humanities-based subjects and wanted to be academically challenged.

"Now that I have completed my degree, I am happy to say that the risk in being ambitious paid off. PA Sixth Form provides you with the best foundation for university or other pathways and ultimately, inspired me to pursue my dreams."

Plympton supported Rachel with her UCAS application – a process that needs to be completed to apply for university – which was appreciated by the young law enthusiast.

Rachel said: "I received support from teaching staff within my UCAS application. My personal tutor and Mrs Kerr provided guidance when I composed my personal statement, ensuring that my university applications were the best that they could be. The tutor sessions that focused on the different types of universities and the courses they offered meant that my final choice was fully informed."

When asked about the biggest lesson learnt since leaving Plympton Academy, Rachel said: "The biggest lesson I have learnt in life since leaving PA Sixth Form is how to be independent. Following A-Levels, you have the choice to pursue any path you wish.

"Whilst leaving home can be daunting, university taught me how to live and study independently. This new-found freedom meant that I could make new friends, live in a different city, and discover new interests.

"Although, it is important to remember how you can always find support if you need it. PA Sixth Form’s dedicated careers and pastoral teams provide guidance for life after school and will support you in any decision that you make."