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Plympton Academy

Plympton Academy Raises Over £300 for Local Charity Trevi ‘Enough’ Campaign in Support of International Women's Day

In aid of International Women's Day Plympton Academy have raised an incredible sum of over £300 for local Plymouth charity Trevi.  

The funds were raised through the sale of merchandise, sticker and bake sales, supporting Trevi's 'Enough' campaign—a vital initiative aimed at raising awareness and advocating for an end to violence towards women and girls, addressing negative social norms in their surroundings. 

A highlight of International Women's Day at Plympton Academy was the engaging talks delivered by distinguished guests, Cllr Rebecca Smith, and Mel Sevieri from Trevi House.  

Their insightful discussions resonated deeply with Sixth Form students, sparking meaningful conversations about the importance of International Women's Day, and sharing inspirational stories of female empowerment and resilience. 

These talks not only provided valuable insights but also served as a catalyst for positive change within the school community. Students were encouraged to reflect on the role they can play in promoting gender equality and standing up against discrimination and violence. 

Additionally, Trevi delivered a compelling message about the "Reclaim the Night" movement, stressing the urgency of addressing gender-based discrimination and violence while highlighting the critical need for safe spaces for women.  

Under the guidance of staff, students were encouraged to express themselves through art, with a focus on producing meaningful placards that reflected the spirit of empowerment and advocacy.  

These placards serve as powerful visual representations of students' thoughts, beliefs, and aspirations. Through their artwork, students can amplify their voices and raise awareness about issues that matter to them 

Polly Turner, Associate Assistant Principal expressed pride in the students' initiative, stating: "Our students continue to impress us with their creativity and dedication to social causes. Their artwork serves as a powerful reminder that young voices have the power to drive meaningful change." 

As these colourful placards decorate the hallway at Plympton Academy, they serve as a testament to the power of youth activism and the importance of artistic expression in creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all. 

Amber, a Year 12 student at Plympton said: “International Womens Day is a reminder that every voice matters, and together, we can create positive change. I am happy to contribute to this movement and be part of the change." 

In a powerful tribute to women's empowerment and resilience, students concluded the day painting the reception entrance wall with a stunning mural in honour of International Women's Day.  

The mural marks a significant moment for Plympton Academy, serving as a reminder of the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of women. As students, staff, and visitors pass through the reception entrance, they are greeted by this powerful testament to the ongoing struggle for gender equality and the triumphs of women throughout history.