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Plympton Academy


We know that full attendance at school leads to the greatest chance of success for students, and therefore at Plympton Academy we work hard to help all students to achieve this.

Although an attendance record of 90% can appear impressive, it means that a student has missed one day per fortnight of learning, which has a significant impact on learning outcomes.

A summary of the expectations is listed below.  For a fuller list please see the Attendance Policy on the Policies page on this website.

The Academy expects students:

  • To attend regularly.
  • To arrive on time, appropriately prepared for the day and ensure they arrive promptly to each individual lesson.
  • To hand any letters regarding absence from parents to the Tutor.

The Academy expects parents/carers:

  • To fulfil their parental responsibility by ensuring their children attend the Academy regularly and on time.
  • To ensure that they contact the Academy on the first day their child is unable to attend (within the first half hour of the start of the Academy day).
  • To ensure their child arrives on time and is well prepared for the Academy day with equipment, completed homework etc.
  • To avoid medical appointments during the Academy day unless absolutely necessary and to collect from and return students to the Academy whenever an appointment is unavoidable during the Academy day.
  • To work in partnership with the Academy and other agencies (as and when appropriate) to resolve issues relating to non-attendance.

What parents/carers and students can expect of Plympton Academy:

  • To nominate a member of the senior management team to be the Attendance Lead for the Academy.
  • To identify a range of strategies to deal with absenteeism and punctuality.
  • To support parents in ensuring regular and punctual attendance.
  • To respond promptly to any issue which may lead to none, or irregular Academy attendance.
  • To be sensitive to the needs of the individual parent/carer. This will be reflected in the ways in which attendance issues are addressed, e.g. the Academy should recognise that some parents/carers have difficulty understanding written communications. (Plympton Academy will also recognise the reluctance of some parents/carers to come into the Academy).