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Plympton Academy

Charity of the Year

At the start of each academic year, students and staff are given the opportunity to nominate a charity to become Plympton Academy’s Charity of the Year. The nominations are collated and put to a vote. The winning charity is then supported throughout the year by a number of fundraising events.
Our charity of the Year for 2019/20 is Crohns and Colitis UK, which was nominated by students in years 7;9 and 10 due to their friends in their year group or parents having the condition. More information about Crohns and Colitis can be found here.
Our first fundraising event will take place on Friday 4th October, which will be a voluntary mufti for £1 and cake sale. We are trying to beat the amount we raised for our charity in 2018/19. 


Our charity of the year for 2018/19 was nominated by a couple of members of staff and was enthusiastically voted for by both students and staff. Young Minds offers an instant text counselling service for young people; a parents helpline; online advice and guidance and works with schools to improve the mental health provision for young people. More information about their work can be found  here.


A variety of fundraising events took place throughout the year including a non-uniform day; a sleepover for year 7 and 8 students in the Michael Morpurgo studios; tutor time quizzes and cake sales. The overall total raised was £2000, with special recognition to Miss Clyndes who organised the sleepover and Ben Bacon who raised the most amount as an individual student.


If you have any questions about our fundraising or would like to donate money, please contact Mr Ian Hartley via reception.