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Collection of Certificates during lockdown (Jan 2021)

At this time, during the national lockdown, certificates will not be released to students. They will be held securely on site until the lock down ends when a clear process will be communicated to you. 

General Rules

In any exam assessment (this includes coursework), you must not:

  • submit work which is not your own

  • make available your work to other candidates through any medium

  • allow other candidates to have access to your own independently sourced material

  • assist other candidates to produce work

  • use books, the internet or other sources without acknowledgement or attribution

  • submit work that has been word processed by a third party without acknowledgement

  • include inappropriate, offensive or obscene material

March 2021 Mock Exams

Mocks are to take place from Monday 1st March to Friday 12th March.


January 2021 Exams UPDATE (5th Jan 2021)

Following the guidance released by the Department for Education last night (5th January), the Government have given school and colleges the responsibility of choosing if they run national exams in January/February. After extensive discussions, we have taken the very difficult decision not to run any examinations this January/February.


Due to Data Protection Plympton Academy are no longer able to keep exam certificates for longer than 12 months or issue statements of results.

Exam Boards will need to be contacted directly to be able to obtain a statement of results.

If you have any questions regarding examination please contact our Examinations Officer Mrs Pinion


Information for Candidates 

Information for Candidates regarding all aspects of the examinations can be viewed and downloaded using the links below:


Other Information 

Further information regarding general procedures and policies can be downloaded using the links below: