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Plympton Academy


Public Examinations 2020

Timetables can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Please be aware that The Joint Council for Qualification (JCQ) has introduced a contingency date for all exam boards in the UK. In line with Ofqual’s exam system contingency plan this is a day specifically set aside, should sustained national or local disruption arise during the June 2020 examination series. If disruption happens, the GCSE and/or A Level examinations would be taken either for the first time or again on that day, in which case it is possible that timetable dates could be affected up to and including the contingency day. The contingency date for 2020 is 24th June. Therefore we would advise not to be at any distance from school before 25th June 2020.

Examination timetables are published below. Students sitting exams will receive individual timetables shortly.

The following stationery items are required with the addition of a scientific calculator for all Science, Geography, and the two calculator Mathematics exams. 

Black ball-point pens x2





For Maths you will need your full maths set

A scientific calculator for all Science and Geography exams and two Maths calculator examinations. 

If you have any questions regarding examination please contact our Examinations Officer Mrs Pinion