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Evidence Informed Grades 2021

Teacher assessments will replace exams in summer 2021. This applies to assessments for GCSEs, AS and A-levels, as well as some vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs/BTEC's).

What's the timeline?

  • From March - Teachers can get training and support from exam boards on making fair judgements on grades

  • End of March – Schools will receive optional assessment materials from the exam boards on all subjects (except art and design) and additional guidance on processes and procedures

  • May - 11th June – Schools will carry out an internal quality assurance

  • 18 June - Deadline for submitting pupil results to exam boards 

  • June and July - Exam boards will conduct external quality assurance by checking evidence for a sample of schools and subjects. It'll also follow up on any concerns it has about schools' internal quality assurance processes

  • 10 August -  A-level results day

  • 12 August - GCSE results day

  • After results are released - there'll be a window for pupils to appeal if they think their grade is wrong (the government hasn't confirmed dates for this yet)

  • VTQs: exam boards will start confirming their approaches to results from 25 February. 

For details on the Consultation outcomes from Ofqual please click on the link below:

For an infographic summary on how A levels, AS levels and GCSEs will be awarded please click on the link below:

For an infographic summary on how vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs), including BTECs will be awarded please click on the link below:

Year 13 Results Day Letter

Year 12 Results Day Letter

Year 11 Results Day Letter

Year 10 Results Day Letter






Collection of Certificates (Apr 2021)

We are now able to confirm collection of certificates can continue. Please report to the main reception. Past students have been emailed.

Mock Examinations June 2021

I am writing to inform you that all students in Year 10, 12, and 9 will be completing mock examination as planned. The examinations will take place from Monday 14th June until Friday 25th June, the timetable of which has been sent to all students Plympton Academy email addresses. 



General Rules

In any exam assessment (this includes coursework), you must not:

  • submit work which is not your own

  • make available your work to other candidates through any medium

  • allow other candidates to have access to your own independently sourced material

  • assist other candidates to produce work

  • use books, the internet or other sources without acknowledgement or attribution

  • submit work that has been word processed by a third party without acknowledgement

  • include inappropriate, offensive or obscene material


Due to Data Protection Plympton Academy are no longer able to keep exam certificates for longer than 12 months or issue statements of results.

Exam Boards will need to be contacted directly to be able to obtain a statement of results.

If you have any questions regarding examination please contact our Examinations Officer Mrs Pinion


Information for Candidates 

Information for Candidates regarding all aspects of the examinations can be viewed and downloaded using the links below:


Other Information 

Further information regarding general procedures and policies can be downloaded using the links below: