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Plympton Academy


Mathematics is a fascinating area of study in many ways.  It is abstract and practical, it offers the excitement of the hunt for understanding and the satisfaction of a problem solved.  Maths brings us up against the infinite and allows us to count the finite.  We all had a time when we first realised that we could carry on counting for ever…

Year 7 and 8

Students learn about number, algebra, geometry, statistics, ratio and proportion. These topic areas are taught at an appropriate level of difficulty for each group. They are assessed each semester and in lessons frequently contains elements of problem solving to ensure our students develop these crucial lifelong learning skills and can feel the emotion that overcoming difficult challenges can bring.

Year 9

As well as continuing to develop the mathematical strands of number, algebra, geometry, statistics, ratio and proportion, Year 9 students begin to study for their GCSE in Statistics that they will take at the end of year 10. This gives them an extra qualification as well as supporting them in their GCSE Mathematics exam taken at the end of year 11.

Year 10

Year 10 lessons are more exam focused than those in previous years.  Students continue to study number, algebra, geometry, statistics, ratio and proportion at a more advanced level.  In the autumn term, students will complete their Statistics for controlled assesment worth 25% of their final statistics grade. At the summer term students will sit their GCSE statistics exam.

Year 11

This year is all about performing well in the Mathematics GCSE.  All students will be challenged to do their very best and entered for the most appropriate exams.  Lessons in Year 11 feature a greater emphasis on memorisation, exam technique and practice than in previous years. Students are offered an additonal array of opportunities to improve their grades through the year.

Year 12

Some exciting new (to students) areas of Mathematics are introduced in Year 12.  These include the Mathematics of infinity, the coordinate geometry of curves and circles as well as some satisfying statistics and mechanics (the Mathematics behind forces and motion). Those taking Further Mathematics will find out about mathematical areas such as imaginary numbers and proof by induction.

Year 13

Students extend the work that they started in Year 12. Complicated and interesting new topics continue to be introduced right up until the end of the course.

We encourage students to attend the Maths Café which is in ICT 3 on Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimes where teachers are on hand to support with homework or offer opportunities to stretch and challenge students even further!

Student Statements

“I like the way our teacher will always help me when I’m stuck, she never lets me feel I can’t do Maths!”

“The school challenges me to succeed and supports me when the going gets tough.”

Meet the staff

  • Mr M Brown - Head of Maths
  • Ms G Lang - Maths Teacher
  • Ms L Boorman  - Principal, Teacher of Maths
  • Ms G Kneebone - Teacher of Maths with responsibility for KS3
  • Ms C Pitcher - Teacher of Maths
  • Ms S Cross - Teacher of Maths
  • Ms S Payne- Teacher of Maths