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Plympton Academy


At Plympton Academy all students follow a similar programme in Year 7 and Year 8.  From the beginning of Year 9 students follow a core curriculum of compulsory subjects, in addition to an extended curriculum of option subjects.

The full range of options changes every year, and is modified to provide the most appropriate pathways for students in the year group.

In term 2 of Year 8 students and parents (or carers) are invited to the ‘Look to the Future’ fair to help make choices about which subjects to choose going into Year 9 and beyond.  During this time subject teachers and tutors will be working with students to help them choose subjects wisely.

Options choice forms need to be handed in to the academy shortly after the Look to the Future fair.

To find out more about the Year 8 options process please download the Brochure below: