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Plympton Academy

Physical Education

In PE, we inspire our pupils to participate and enjoy physical activity. We recognise the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle which continues into adulthood. We want to instil excellence and resilience through highly effective teaching and learning that is constantly progressing. We are committed to providing opportunities for pupils to assume responsibility for their learning, to engage inquisitive minds.

At Plympton Academy, we see Physical Education as a special subject that sits at the heart of the curriculum, that motivates and excites pupils of all ages and abilities. We want to provide moments of inspiration and enjoyment that will remain with them beyond their time at our school.

About us

At Plympton Academy, we are fully committed to providing a curriculum that is fully inclusive, engaging and diverse. Throughout their time with us, your child can expect to take part in the traditional sports such as football, rugby and netball as well as experience a variety of different sports and activities, such as street surfing, softball and Flag Football.

We are very proud of our award-winning extra-curricular programme. Pupils have access to a huge range of clubs throughout the week, before, during and after-school. We also compete in over 100 city-wide and National Level competitions and fixtures throughout the year.

We are proud of our link with Plymouth Argyle in providing pupils with a holistic Football Academy programme. Running from Year 7 through to Year 13, the programme aims to develop the footballing ability of pupils, as well as provide physical and mental challenges, developing resilience.


- Mr S Taylor – Director of Sport

- Mr A Price – PE Teacher / Community Lead

- Ms K Luke -  PE Teacher

- Ms R Trevorrow-  PE Teacher

- Mr B Moore -  PE Teacher

- Ms C Westall -  PE Teacher


KS3/KS4 Physical Education

Pupil Centered Approach

In KS3, our pupils explore a wide variety of activities, developing their skills, knowledge and character throughout.

Our pupils are at the heart of the learning process and often take responsibility for their own progress. We provide a range of opportunities within and beyond the curriculum that allows pupils to move from a novice level of learning through to a secure level of learning.

Throughout each unit of work, pupils will also develop knowledge and understanding of examinable sport areas of study, and through undertaking theory test at the end of each unit.

In KS4 pupils develop leadership skills through a diverse range of activities. They are enabled to make more informed lifestyle choices developing and harnessing a lifelong love of physical activity.

How are you assessed in KS3 PE ?

Week 3

Week 5

Week 8

Week 8/9


Self – assessment and pledge


Theory Test on Google Classroom




Teacher Practical Assessment







I.L.T. Outstanding Achievement

Semester 1 – Millie Simon

Semester 2 – Leah Nelson

  • Come and see the great I.L.T.s on our notice boards in the Sports Centre

Girl’s Sporting Success

Year 7, 8 and 9 Netball;

Our Netballers have/still are achieving great success in the Plymouth Central Venue League!

Year 8 and Year 9 played at ‘club level’ on Saturdays at Marjons for the Plymouth and District Junior League last season

The year 8 Netball team finished in 3rd place at their Plymouth End of Season Netball Tournament, out of 8 teams!

Our first Netball Tour in Swindon (Feb 2018) was a huge success and a lot of fun.

Our Year 8 and Year 9 Netball teams won their CV league last season!

This season we currently have over 50 girls attending Netball Training on Thursdays 3pm - 5pm

We have all years Netball Training every Thursday 3pm - 5pm!


Keep an eye on our Twitter/Facebook for more updates/achievements in Netball!

For more visit our 'Netball at Plympton Academy (link is external) ' page!


Our Year 9, 10 and 11 Youth Sport Award students

Our girls are now achieving a qualification at KS4 PE.

The Youth Sport Award (YSA) is nationally recognised and awarded by Youth Sport Trust and the FA.

All of the girls planned and delivered a Girls Football Festival to our primary schools during National Girls Football Week!


Football Activators sponsored by the FA and Youth Sport Trust

We had 6 new Football Activators last academic year who promoted Girls Football and celebrated success.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

We offer over 30 hours of free optional extra-curricular clubs a week for pupils to develop specific sports skills and officiating knowledge, as well as supporting our pupils in developing confidence and important social skills. Over 150 different pupils currently attend our sports clubs

We have had a 200% increase in pupils representing the school sporting teams in 2016/2017 – with over 175 different pupils having been selected to compete against other schools.

Our Fitness Suite is extremely well received by the local Plympton community. We have over 500 community members and over 100 of our pupils use it every day!

The School's ‘Sports Leadership Academy’ has grown from 10 to over 40 regular leaders who plan, deliver and evaluate primary festivals, school events and school clubs. …”our leaders are some of the most committed, reliable and hard-working students I have met, they are a credit to the school and very

Our pupils are very proud of our football academy, and the achievements and various success is testament to the commitment they have shown. New for 2016/17 our Academy Pupils will be given extra football coaching, both during PE and after school, alongside the opportunity to be coached by Plymouth Argyle coaches. More importantly they will go onto be fantastic role models to our younger Academy players within the school, though our coaching and mentoring.



At Plympton Academy we are committed to providing opportunities for our pupils to compete within intra and inter school competition. This year's Plymouth School Sports Partnership (PSSP) leagues, Cup and Central venue league opportunities that we will be entering include:

Football, Basketball, Rugby, Hockey, Netball, Cricket, Athletics, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Gymnastics, Table tennis


Examination PE Options KS4 & KS5

Description of the Course: BTEC Level 2 Award in Sport

This 3 year vocational course is aimed at young people who are interested in seeking a career in the sports industry or wishing to further their studies at level 2. This qualification is worth the equivalent of one GCSE.  During the course students will play and officiate in a wide range of sports and activities.  They will also investigate, in depth, the theory of sport across a number of units.  The qualification aims to do the following:

- Develop candidates' knowledge and understanding of sport

- Develop candidates' skills knowledge and understanding that is directly relevant to employment situation

- Develop ability to work effectively in a sports context

- Demonstrate skills, knowledge, and understanding of sports principles and the practicalities of delivering sports opportunities to others.

The course is modular and students currently study the following units/modules:

- Training for Personal Fitness

- Practical Sports Performer

- Leading Sports Activities (linked with the Level 1 Sports Leaders UK qualification)

- Fitness for Sport


This course is predominantly coursework based and delivered through a combination of classroom-based lessons and lessons delivered through practical activities which relate directly to future employment routes in sport.  Each unit is assessed through a number of assessment opportunities that combine to provide a total unit assessment.  One unit of the four is externally assessed through an online exam which students prepare for through a taught programme prior to accessing the exam.

- Career Options

- Armed Forces

- Physiotherapy

- PE Teacher

- Sports Coach

- Chiropractor

- Sports psychology

- Sports media

- Used as part of the 5 A*-C grades needed for the majority of job interviews or University courses in the UK.




We have been awarded the National School games ‘Silver Award’ for our 2016/17 provision.  We are very pleased with this accolade which recognises our commitment to extra-curricular opportunities, sports leadership, intra and inter school provision.


We are very excited about our new all-weather pitch being built, the first of its kind in Plympton!  The football foundation are helping fund this great project and we fully expect its usage to enhance the quality of teaching and learning even further, alongside the breadth of curriculum we will be able to offer in PE.

NEW MUGA! (Multi– use games area)

We have secured investment to update our hard-court tarmac outside teaching space. This investment will give pupils a safer and more suitable learning environment alongside opportunities to expand our curricular and extra-curricular offer.

Table Tennis

Brilliant news! Plympton Academy have just secured a £10k investment from Sport England to develop a ‘Table tennis’ Academy at the school.  This means we will be the Plymouth East Hub site for Table tennis. This wonderful opportunity for our pupils will include new tables, equipment, specialised coaching and a range of additional officiating and coaching opportunities for our pupils and those in our local primary schools.


We have been selected as a RFU ‘broadening reach’ school. This means we can access £3000 over 3 years which will allow an investment in equipment and regular support from the Plymouth Rugby Development Officer. The aim of the project is to develop participation in the school and open up a pathway into local Rugby clubs.


We now have an international level coach employed at the school so we have invested in a ‘long net system’ in our Sports hall with the intention of growing participation in the sport at the school as it is suitably challenging & rewarding for girls and boys of all key stages. It will also be a practical option for our examinable PE pathways.