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Plympton Academy


Please note that our school also adopts other policies from The Thinking Schools Academy Trust website.


TSAT Complaint's Policy (ratified Aug 2022)

Privacy Notice

TSAT Privacy Policy

Admission Arrangements

Plympton Academy admission arrangements can be found here.

All other Plympton Academy policies can be found below:

  1. Download
    Accessibility Plan (Nov 2021).pdf
  2. Download
    Adverse Weather Conditions Policy (18 Oct 21).pdf
  3. Download
    Behaviour policy and statement of behaviour principles .pdf
  4. Download
    Child Protection and Safeguarding policy 2022-23.pdf
  5. Download
    Child Protection Policy COVID-19 Addendum.pdf
  6. Download
    Child Protection Policy COVID-19 Addendum 2.pdf
  7. Download
    Exam Access Arrangements Policy 2020-21.pdf
  8. Download
    First Aid Policy (Feb 2022).pdf
  9. Download
    GDPR Subject Access Request Template.docx
  10. Download
    Health and Safety Management System.pdf
  11. Download
    Jan 21 Remote learning code of conduct - Students/Parents.pdf
  12. Download
    Parent Behaviour Policy.pdf
  13. Download
    SEND policy and information report 2021-22.pdf
  14. Download
    Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy.pdf
  15. Download
    Suspension and Permanent Exclusion from School Policy 2022.pdf
  16. Download
    Sex and Relationship Education Policy (18 Oct 21).pdf
  17. Download
    Visitor Code of Conduct.pdf
  18. Download
    Uniform Policy 2019-22.pdf
  19. Download
    Charging Remissions Policy 2021.pdf
  20. Download
    Data Protection Policy and Appropriate Policy Document 2022.pdf
  21. Download
    Health Safety Policy 2022.pdf
  22. Download
    Attendance Policy 2022.pdf
  23. Download
    Careers Education Information and Advice Guidance Policy DRAFT.pdf
  24. Download
    Managing Allegations against Staff Procedure.pdf
  25. Download
    Disciplinary Policy.pdf
  26. Download
    Grievance Policy.pdf
  27. Download
    Equality Policy.pdf
  28. Download
    Early Career Teacher Induction Policy.pdf
  29. Download
    Managing Performance Concerns and Capability Procedures.pdf
  30. Download
    Protection of Biometric Information Policy.pdf