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Plympton Academy


Plympton Academy believes that it is important to encourage good conduct throughout the Academy by celebrating and rewarding good behaviour. The Academy use the ClassCharts reward system, which engages students and helps to achieve Academy values. Staff award ClassCharts points for the following activities:

  • Demonstrates a desire to learn
  • Outstanding leadership
  • Positive contribution to school life
  • Shown resilience when faced with problems
  • Tackled a challenging task
  • Understands that effort is the key to success
  • Working beyond expected levels of attainment
  • Working collaboratively to produce excellent work

Students can spend their points on the ClassCharts rewards store, cashing them in for items of stationary including pens and highlighters; express passes for the canteen; mufti passes for the last day of term and experience vouchers including tickets for Adrenalin, Dartmoor Zoo and the Plymouth VR Centre. Rewards are processed weekly and will be delivered via form tutors.

Students and their parents can keep a track of their reward points via the ClassCharts website or app. Please contact ICT support if you have lost your log in details.

The Da Vinci awards were launched in September 2017 to recognise and reward academic, creative and sporting achievement. Students who produce an academic piece of work that goes above and beyond a teacher's expectations or is completed to a standard above what the student is working at (for example a student in Year 8 producing a GCSE grade 8 or 9 response) will be recognised with a Da Vinci award, along with their work being published in the academy's newsletter. Students are also rewarded if they are winners of a local, regional or national creative or sporting based competition or if they represent Plymouth (or higher) in a sporting event. Students currently receive a Da Vinci postcard and their name is included on the Honours board. From September 2018, they will also receive a badge to wear as part of their school uniform.

If you would like any information about the rewards process at Plympton Academy or are able to provide items for the rewards store, then please contact Ian Hartley (Assistant Principal)