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Plympton Academy


On 1st January 2022, Plympton Academy joined the Thinking Schools Academy Trust.

In line with our Curriculum Vision for all students to be independent learners who take responsibility for their futures; we actively employ thinking strategies within our teaching and learning.

Thinking Maps are used as a tool to help students compartmentalise their thinking and approaches to their learning. Each of these maps have a different type of thinking and are used in lessons to help students clarify and develop their learning and understanding.

We have recently been developing our use of 'Thinking Hats' within the curriculum to help students tackle problems from a range of different perspectives. This helps students to consider a task from different standpoints so they have fully considered all angles and fully developed their thought process, Although based on the work of de Bono, we have our very own 'Thinking Hats' designed by one of our students. Each of the hats have a different purpose - ask your sons/ daughters what each hat stands for!


For more information about the Trust, including the governance structure, policies and annual reports, please use the links below:

Annual Reports and Accounts