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Plympton Academy

Letters Home

Plympton Academy is committed to reducing paper usage to support the environment and to reduce waste.  As a result we are increasingly using this website, email, text and social media to communicate with parents and other partners.

However, from time to time, we write to parents using print mail.  Copies of the latest letters home can be found below:

Letters from Principal Parent Letter 21.01.2021
Parent Letter 30.12.2020
Guidelines during Lockdown (Yr 12-13)
Guidelines during Lockdown (Yr 7-11)
NHS Test and Trace 28.09.2020
Start of Term Letter 27.08.2020
School Map Sept 2020
End of Year Letter July 2020
September Opening Update 10.07.2020
Teaching and Learning Update 10.07.2020
Ofsted Parent Letter 06.07.2020
Ofsted Parent Survey Analysis 06.07.2020
Year 7

Year 7 End of Term Letter 10.12.2020

Year 7 PD Week Letter

Year 8  
Year 9

Year 9 Christmas Letter 16.12.2020

Year 9 PD Week Letter 19.10.2020

Year 10

Year 10 Christmas letter 17.12.2020

Year 10 Moving Zones 13.11.2020   (revised map)

Year 10 PD Week Letter 19.10.2020

Year 11 Look to the Future Fair 20.11.2020
Year 11 Session 6 Periods 09.11.2020
Year 11 PD Week Letter 19.10.2020  
Year 12 Sixth Form Moving Zones 13.11.2020   (revised map)
Year 13 Sixth Form Moving Zones 13.11.2020   (revised map)
Miscellaneous/All Years

Remote Learning 07.01.2021

Parent Letter 30.12.2020

Christmas Letter - All students 15.12.2020

Christmas Jumper Day and End of Term Arrangements Dec 2020

Personal Development Week Introduction Oct 2020