Plympton Academy students selected to perform at The National Theatre in London

June 11, 2024 08:38am

Plympton Academy recently received the thrilling news that their performance of "The Periodicals" by Sian Owen has been selected to grace the stage of The National Theatre, London in June.  

This journey began last summer when Plympton Academy was first selected to perform at the National Theatre Connections Festival held at The Theatre Royal, Plymouth. 

The first task was to sift through the ten plays on offer and select one that resonated with them. After thoughtful consideration, they settled on "The Periodicals" by Sian Owen, a captivating story set in a futuristic world where young people survive as techno-savvy outcasts on a rubbish dump. 

Students in years 10 to 13 participated in intensive rehearsals and discussions, drawing inspiration from a director's weekend at the National Theatre where they met the playwright. This collaboration deepened their understanding of the play's themes and characters, enabling the cast to infuse their performances with authenticity and conviction. 

One central theme of this play struck a chord with the students - the challenges faced by neurodiversity individuals in a neurotypical environment. With dedication and creativity, they brought these characters to life, delivering performances that resonated with audiences. 

Joshua Wallace, a Year 13 student commented: “Being hand selected to perform at The National theatre has come as a great blessing and a delightful opportunity for us performers! We are all very excited to travel up to London and perform in such a notorious Theatre, such an opportunity is rare, and we are incredibly grateful.  

“I am honoured to have the chance to perform The Periodicals again, as its message is a very important topic which I feel should be talked about more within the education system.” 


Their talents extended beyond the stage, with some students taking on roles in lighting and sound operation, highlighting their versatility and commitment to the production.  

As Plympton Academy celebrates this achievement, they reaffirm their commitment to nurturing a culture of success where every individual is empowered to pursue their dreams. 

 Jo Crook, Head of Performing Arts at Plympton Academy, expressed her pride in the students: “Witnessing our students immerse themselves in the world of 'The Periodicals' and bring its characters to life with such depth and authenticity has been truly inspiring. Their dedication, creativity, and professionalism throughout the process have exceeded all expectations. 

“We are absolutely thrilled that they will have the opportunity to perform on such a reputable stage in London. This is an amazing experience for our students, and being the only school in the South West selected for this honour makes it even more special.  

“It is a testament to their hard work and exceptional talent.”