Ethos Statement

Below the surface are the seeds of possibility, waiting for the right conditions to grow’ - Ken Robinson


Music exploration is for all and should provide the foundation for students to develop a passion for music, to facilitate a love of learning, exploration and curiosity. That Ignites the light of passion which opens up opportunities for all to be submerged into our musical family.

The curriculum is designed to offer a full and rich emersion of music that gives experience in Performance, Composition and Listening skills. Students will experience a range of Musical Genres that will inspire and engage them through a variety of different activities.


Our Music curriculum is designed to give a broad spectrum of genres through which to master skills and gain secure knowledge of music. The assessment of music is through the journey and progress that students make within the lesson, semester and year. There is an emphasis of building expertise over time, with sufficient time to review previous learnt material as well as the opportunity to build new skills step by step. Models of excellence are given to inspire, with scaffolding and independent practice used as common lesson structure for students to achieve their best.


The biggest gain that we want from our curriculum is for students' confidence to increase as a holistic person as well as a performing/composing musician. Our greatest impact in the Music department is the engagement of our students that can be seen in all lessons. KS3 topic work regularly shows good and exceptional understanding. Teaching and learning in the department is good and can be evidenced through positive internal learning walks. We have a healthy uptake with over 25% of the year 9 cohort opting for Level 2 Music.   Although our KS5 uptake is currently quite small we aim to see an increase in numbers within the next year, we also have many successes of students going onto University to study Music.

The uptake of instrumental lessons has also steadily increased over the last 3 years and continues to rise with many students taking examinations in their instrument. With recent success of students gaining Distinctions in graded singing LCM exams we are positive of the quality provision we are giving our students.

We want our students to embrace life with passion and enthusiasm and a love of learning. We expect students to feel safe to perform in the classroom as well as in concerts and onstage. There is a sense of support and safety in the classroom to give advice and to set and receive targets to build upon from peers and the teacher. Assessment is through students reflecting upon their learning during verbal feedback constantly during each semester of work. Our greatest expectation is that students will become more involved in the department in the form of extra-curricular clubs, rehearsing in individual bands/groups using the facilities at break and lunch and to inspire a love of music.

Music is a vibrant subject where students explore their creativity. Music challenges students to be independent learners and to collaborate effectively in order to reach their potential. Students learn perseverance skills and enthusiasm to succeed.

Music is taught through the three disciplines of composing, performing and listening. It is a practical subject with an emphasis on collaborative problem solving. Music is an all-inclusive, all immersive, enjoyable subject.

We have 2 bright and colourful Music teaching rooms and 5 purpose built practice rooms. We also have a fully resourced recording studio that students can access regardless of year group. Students benefit from working on a variety of instruments and computers in Djembe Drums, Yamaha Keyboards, Drum kits and tuned percussion.

Student Statements

“Music lessons are great and I look forward to them. It’s a great chance to work together. Music is an imaginative subject.”

“Plympton Academy’s Music department has been a huge part of my school life. I absolutely loved it straight off. Music is certainly a defining part of Plympton Academy.”

Year 7

Finding your voice

During this Unit we will explore how your voice can help you open up opportunities in music but also in other areas of learning and life. We will work on being able to project clearly and loudly as an Ensemble, small group and individuals. We will build on our confidence to perform within a safe and secure creative environment and develop that inner voice.

Key Elements we are looking at include

  • Confidence (all aspects not just when performing)
  • Respect
  • Discussion
  • Listening
  • Projection of the voice
  • Diction
  • Collaboration
  • Unison
  • Harmony
  • Structure of a song
  • Breath control
  • Rapping
  • Singing

Key Performers and Pieces

  • Will Smith - Boom Shake the Room
  • Ed Sheeran - Any…
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Current Music - Chosen by students