Physical Education

Our Physical Education and Sport Curriculum Vision

“Students will leave Plympton Academy prepared for lifelong activity through experiencing a wide range of activities that develop their skills, knowledge and character allowing them to confidently make choices and decisions with regards to their involvement and role in physical activity.”

The following sits under the SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, CHARACTER umbrella.

Our students will have the ability to attempt all activities, transferring skills where needed.

Our students will be prepared and ready to be successful in physical activity for life.

Our students will confidently make choices to benefit themselves and others.

In PE, we foster a culture of success for our pupils to participate and enjoy physical activity. We recognise the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle which continues into adulthood. We want to instil excellence and resilience through highly effective teaching and learning that is constantly progressing to provide the best and most inclusive learning environments for our students. We are committed to providing opportunities for pupils to assume leadership roles and develop personal responsibility for their learning in order to engage inquisitive minds.

At Plympton Academy, we see Physical Education as a pivotal subject that sits at the heart of the curriculum, that motivates, excites and engages pupils of all ages and abilities. We want to provide moments of inspiration and enjoyment that will remain with them beyond their time at our school.

KS3/KS4 Physical Education

At Plympton Academy, we are fully committed to providing a curriculum that is fully inclusive, engaging and diverse. Throughout their time with us, your child can expect to take part in a wide range of activities from the traditional sports such as football, rugby and netball to a variety of different sports and activities, such as street surfing, mountain biking and Flag Football to name but a few.

All lesson outcomes are centred around either one or a selection of the Skills, Knowledge and Character focal areas suitable for our students needs and lessons are skillfully designed to provide meaningful learning opportunities enabling success.  Lessons take place in our fantastic facilities which have gone through substantial financial investment over the last 5 years providing students with an exceptional learning environment.  In particular our students enjoy our start of the art 3G all weather pitch, our new sprung floor Activity Studio and the recently refurbished fitness suite, as well as our more standard venues.

Assessment in PE

In order to make excellent progress in our subject, students are provided a large variety of feedback methods within each lesson.  Students enjoy being recognised as successful learners by taking these small and frequent steps in their learning motivating and enthusing them to take further part.  Staff and students share how they can improve across all strands of the skills, knowledge and character learning outcomes within their lessons and these are progressive as students move through from Yr7 to Yr11. 

Further Enrichment opportunities within the curriculum

Football Academy

We have developed our provision of a holistic Football Academy programme.  Running from Year 7 through to Year 13, the programme aims to develop the footballing ability of pupils, as well as provide physical and mental challenges, developing resilience which is aligned to our overarching curriculum model.

All Schools and Exeter Chiefs Project Rugby

As part of our ongoing development in specific sports we are privileged to be part of the Rugby Football Unions ALL SCHOOLS project providing resources and training for the Academy and promoting club links giving students access to playing opportunities outside of school time.  Additionally, we are proud to be working on PROJECT RUGBY with Exeter Chiefs bringing staff and students at the Academy high levels of technical knowledge and elite level practise. 

Table Tennis HUB

Working with JOOLA table tennis club and Table Tennis England the Academy boosts impressive resources to deliver table tennis in curriculum time and host a number of Countywide tournaments on site.  Strong links with JOOLA and National level coaches provide competitive pathways for those who are identified within the curriculum delivery so that they can realise their potential.

Examination PE: KS4 and 5

Our highly successful examination pathway offers students the opportunity to extend their knowledge and understanding of the Physical, Health and Sports sectors following the BTEC Sport pathways.  From Year 7 students learn the underpinning concepts that are examined at KS4 and 5 through a themed approach embedded in the core PE curriculum. This has proved to have a hugely positive impact on the attainment of our students who regularly achieve grades above the National average.  The department strives to excel in the classroom and this is reflected in over a third of our students selecting our BTEC Sport routes at KS4.  Due to the excellent outcomes that students achieve they gain fantastic exit routes through University study or vocational apprenticeships in careers such as Teacher Training, Physio and Sports Therapy, The Armed forces and other wide-ranging vocations.