Each week, as part of your PHSE/Careers session at the end of the school day, you will be allocated a day to look at careers. This programme is also supported by your teachers who will link what you are studying to careers; when appropriate.

We aim to support you to be ready, not only for the world of work, but to provide you with the tools to achieve your goals in life.

If you have any feedback about this page or your careers programme, please email them to Mr Doyle at

As part of that programme you will use the following:
(click on the image to launch the different websites)

Your tutor/careers advisor has details on how you can create an account and login
You can use this without logging in, but is more useful for you to create an account
This will be used during your careers sessions, but you can access the different levels of the different skills
This programme will be predominately used in years 11 - 13, but your careers advisor can provide you with a login if you want to use it for yourself.
Similar to Unifrog: This can be used to help you with career options and where specific subjects will take you.
Supports decisions post 16 on universities, including funding and course information.